Rent a Car with English Speaking Driver in Guangzhou/Cantão China

Rent a Car with English Speaking Driver in Guangzhou/Cantão China

-WiFi Equipped Vehicles 

-Unlimited Mileage

-All New Vehicles Less Than 2 Years

-English-Speaking Driver

img_20161025_163217 Carro


I’m Alex, an experienced interpreter and driver in Guangzhou/Cantão China,I would like to offer you a wonderful business trip in China. Being an interpreter and driver  over 8 years, I had been able to provide you with efficient and safe transportation while visiting Guangzhou,knowing the region intimately, and understand the standards expected by an American or European business traveler abroad, and craft every aspect of our service to exceeding your demands.For more information, please indicate the number of daily you need the service.


I make your private ground travel easy, seamless and convenient. Compared to other ground transportation providers, i offer ultimate convenience in service from booking until billing.

Round-the-clock customer service. I am ready 24/7 to answer your questions, receive reservations, and update last minute changes immediately.


Easy payment. I accept all major credit cards (Visa / MasterCard / AmEx), bank transfer, Paypal , Payoneer or cash payments. Your credit card is not charged until after service is completed and you’ve been invoiced for the actual service provided.


Swift, secure online booking for immediate reservation. Make online reservation or inquiry here!




Skype: Te.necesito.alejandro

WhatsApp/Celular: +86 171 8473 0078



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